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The entire experience was great. The dental assistant or hygienist was very thorough and the dentist was just great. So much better than expected!!
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With age, you will see many new problems in the oral cavity. This occurs due to various factors, including a weakened immune system and the lack of maintenance to ensure oral health. The diseases that develop will eventually lead to tooth decay and loss, reducing quality of life. There may be a need for a functional restoration of the teeth, using artificial teeth.

There are two types of dentures namely, full and partial:

A removable partial denture replaces one or part of missing teeth in the oral cavity. In the field of dentistry, the treatment of the patient’s teeth and mouth must have aesthetic (artistic) value. Appearance must be restored for any lost tooth structure while bringing it to its natural state. Dental studies are performed in addition to dental care.

Aesthetics involve color selection, face shape, patient’s profile, and total mouth harmonization. Although the main thing is artistry, dentistry is a combination of medicine and art. It is natural for a dentist to worry about aesthetics during each treatment. Treatment should restore the structure of the tooth, including its shape (cusps, gaps, contact points) and color. The goal is to restore the function of the teeth in chewing, biting, swallowing, speaking, and, of course,  appearance.

Snap on Smile is a removable denture that is easy to use because it requires no tooth reduction or glue. Snap on Smile is strong, flexible and functional. The material itself is an acetyl thermoplastic resin capable of covering the tooth surface and holding  firmly in place.

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This type of restoration can be used for aesthetic rehabilitation without the need for preparation or alteration of the dental structure or the need for a cement abutment. The prosthesis known as Smile to Pressure or Snap on Smile is considered quite  comfortable and can be removed by the patient. At the same time, the retention of this prosthesis is achieved by considering the anatomy of each existing tooth.

This prosthesis creates a good vertical dimension, with sufficient function and aesthetic appearance. It can be used for aesthetic rehabilitation and as a guide for implant prosthesis or fixed restoration to be performed. In addition, it can correct various cases, including diastema in the anterior teeth and teeth with a brown color due to the consumption of coffee and tea, cases of missing teeth

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This form of restoration can be used in various cases, including for patients who have diastema and those who have a stain on the anterior teeth. It is a provisional prosthesis for implants or for those who have lost their teeth and want a rehabilitated esthetic. Pressure Smile can be seen in Figure 1. The following cases are indicated for a restoration pressure smile:


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Problems like complete tooth loss can arise in patients due to inadequate retention of remaining teeth or missing teeth. Patients with protrusion or complex periodontal issues may also face challenges related to the retention of restorations, including teeth. In cases involving periodontal retention problems, these issues can exacerbate tissue damage, limiting the potential for optimal results. Oxnard dentists are crucial in addressing these concerns and providing comprehensive dental care solutions.

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Snap on Smile Slide
Snap on Smile Slide
Snap on Smile Slide

The advantages of this prosthesis include good aesthetics, excellent retention, no pressure in the area. Suitable in surgery for dental implant therapy, it does not interfere with occlusion and can be easily removed by the patient. Advantages of Snap On Smile among others are having good aesthetics, excellent retention transmitted by the teeth with acetyl thermoplastic ingredients, over Snap On Smile or Snap-On Smile it can be made as thin as 0.5 millimeters and still maintain its strength, highly resistant to staining, without using a plate so that patients feel more comfortable to wear, more resistant to discoloration and wear on occlusal resistance compared to acrylic prosthetics, do not require natural tooth preparation, can last 3-5 years and they can be more if they are treated properly.

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The disadvantages of the Pressure Smile include not being able to improve the aesthetics of patients with raised smile lines. This is generally the case with the resorption of bone ridges. Also, it can break when used by patients with parafunctional conditions.

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Snap on Smile

Snap on Smile is made of crystallized acetyl thermoplastic. This material is very durable and has some flexibility. Thus, it is possible to achieve retention of the contours of the teeth. The thermoplastic resin acetyl is a thermoplastic type based on polyoxymethylene, such as homopolymers with good mechanical properties and better long-term stability. This is due to its good resistance to wear and fracture. .

This material is suitable for the fabrication of removable partial dentures. Removable partial prosthesis with metal frame, occlusal splint, implant abutments and materials for removable orthodontic plates, due to its resistance to chewing, this material is very suitable for maintaining the vertical dimension during temporary restorative therapy.

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Advantages of thermoplastic resin materials acetyl:

  • great physical strength
  • ideal flexibility and stability
  • good retention
  • free of residual monomers
  • hydrophobic – does not absorb water.
  • good aesthetics.
  • doesn’t easily change color
  • doesn’t easily change dimensions
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Disadvantages of acetyl thermoplastic resin materials:

  • Requires the need for special equipment.
  • The thermoplastic acetyl resin and elements of the denture do not use chemical bonds, so they can be easily separated from the denture.
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An aesthetic and functional improvement to missing teeth can be made by using Snap on Smile as restoration. It is a form of rehabilitation without the need to prepare or alter the dental structure or the need for a cement attachment. It is considered comfortable and can be removed by the patient.


If you have any questions related to oral health for your grandparents or the elderly at home, our dentists at the Channel Islands Family Dental will be happy to guide you through all the recommended preventive and treatment-related activities. Feel free to call us and reserve your appointment today at our dental office in Oxnard.

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